Domestics Delivery

Fast Delivery at the Lowest price. The Lowest Price Guarantee on deliveries within Cambodia. A wider network of courier than anyone else.


With a strong global network, IALE provided the international courier services for more than 200 countries of destinations on the world courier with a wealth of Planes, Trains, and Truck.

Customs brokerage.

We have an excellently trained clearance staff who has adequate knowledge and experience with regard to the formalities to be complied with. The team has been ever maintaining good relations with all its customs by rendering their quality service with the motto of good retention & multiplication of customers. Also, handle third party export from the rest of Cambodia.


With our Warehouse and Distribution Network Service, we supply clients with integrated pool distribution, cross-docking, product storage, inventory management, and transportation solutions. Our efficient order fulfillment services along with our shipping and delivery solutions distribute goods around the clock. Many wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and online shopping merchants (eCommerce) benefit from this distribution program.

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